Nathaniel Dalton Hill, DDS Memorial Fund

Dr. Nathaniel Dalton Hill

Dr. Nathaniel (Nate) Hill was a loving father, husband, son, and friend. Nate was born on March 20, 1983 in Sarasota, FL where he grew up and developed a passion for golf, medicine, and the Gators. He attended the UT College of Dentistry in Memphis, TN and enjoyed sharing his gift through mission work. He married his wife, Jeni, in 2010 and eventually settled in Arkansas. In September 2014, Nate and Jeni welcomed a daughter, Olivia (Livi), and he took on the greatest role of his life, that of Livi’s Dada.

Nate pursued his professional ambitions when he assumed leadership of his own dental practice, Cloud and Hill Dental Care, in 2018 alongside Dr. John Cloud. Nate was extremely loved and respected by his dental staff and patients. Nate began his battle with oral cancer in the Fall of 2020, when he discovered a lesion after taking a CT scan at his dental practice. On October 2, 2020, a malignant salivary gland tumor was removed from Nate’s mouth, along with 6 teeth. Nate underwent many rounds of radiation and had a feeding tube for 19 days. He returned to work February 2021 and expressed his desire to use his own knowledge of Dentistry and his experience to raise awareness for Oral Cancer.

By the Spring/Summer 2021 Nate began having lower back pain thought to be brought on by a golfing injury. On July 23, an MRI revealed a tumor causing a compression fracture on his T12 vertebrae. He was admitted to UAMS two days later. Nate began radiation in the hope to shrink the tumor. On August 10, he had lumbar decompression surgery on his T12 vertebrae, but unfortunately afterwards, battled a staph infection for a month which forced his cancer treatments to be paused. Nate spent 65 days in UAMS before finally being released to Baptist Rehabilitation on September 29. On October 16 Nate was able to go home. He passed away surrounded by family and close friends on October 28, 2021.

Nate was a man of great faith, convictions, and love; he will forever leave a legacy through his achievements, the greatest of which was love. Donations made to the Nathaniel Dalton Hill, DDS Memorial Fund will aid the Oral Cancer Foundation in providing support and resources to oral cancer survivors and contribute to research. Nate’s family is forever grateful to the Doctors, Specialists, and Nurses at UAMS and their compassion and care.